History of Psyhiatric Threatment in United States

History of Psyhiatric Threatment in United States  Essay example
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History of Psychiatric Treatment in United States Name Instructor Task Date The history of psychiatric management in the US is exceptionally vital to mental health caregivers. It helps them to appreciate its source and the growth of service delivery, handling techniques and therapeutic interferences.


Before looking to present efforts to mental illness, it is important to look to the history of the historical efforts to challenge this issue in the United States. Before World War 2, people with mental illness in the colonial America were taken care of by their families or secluded caregivers. Those who were not taken care of by either of these were taken care of by the native community. According to McKenzie, Pinger, and Kotecki, population growth in the 1700s led to the institutionalization of people with mental illness (2011). Although they began institutionalization, the houses they were housed in were exceptionally dilapidated. The conditions deteriorated in the end of the 1700s and 1800s due to growth in populace, which led to increase in number of people with mental illness. This resulted in the building of Pennsylvania mental infirmity hospital by Doctor Thomas Bond in 1751 as an effort to disconnect these people according to the type of the disability (Niles, 2010). The conditions in this institution were inferior because the caregivers were unable to reinforce patients for self-control, and this resulted to physical restrictive practical. ...
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