Applying Theory to Practice

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Applying Theory to Practice Applying Theory to Practice Abstract Of the several problems that nurses handle in their professional life, pain has been a significant one. The management of pain has had guidelines from several associations concerning human health and the nursing profession.


Applying Theory to Practice Globally the nursing profession was facing a great number of problems in patients. Pain was just one of the many complaints but it was a significant and widespread one. Pain was a physiological complaint which distressed patients by the unpleasant sensation with affective experience (Peterson and Bedrow, 2008). In spite of pain assessment, appropriate management, evaluatory monitoring and educational research having been included in important guidelines like those from the Joint Commission and the National Guidelines ClearingHouse, the under-treatment and negligent management of acute and chronic pain were still evident (Bines and Paice, 2005). The words of Gillaspie (2010) conveyed the depth of the problem: “The delivery of effective pain management has become a pressing national issue in healthcare”. Patients had a right to be managed for pain relief (Zalon, 2008). The problem of pain management has thereby been identified by me as my practice problem. The nursing profession has several theories by which the problems in patient care were managed. Similarly I would be employing a theory to execute effective pain management in my hospital. The theory would be logical for application and concurrent with observations made daily. It would be similar to those previously used in successful programs. ...
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