Sexual Abuse Of Women In Australia - Essay Example

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Sexual Abuse Of Women In Australia

This result of violence can persist even long after the woman has been separated from her spouse as it will consequently take a re-arrangement of her mind as to what she is and who she is before she can let go of the notion that she does not deserve to be punished. If vital counseling does not follow separation, the victim continues to do the attackers' work on his behalf by attacking herself in his absence in order to continue fulfilling his desires. In a condition akin to the Stockholm syndrome, the victim will express sympathy with the views of her captor and even defend him when he is prosecuted for the harm he has caused her. A particularly insidious type of violence is suffered by pregnant women who have abusive spouses as it can trigger stillbirths, abortions, miscarriages, or premature births. For some reason, it has been established by research in Australia that the incidence and brutality of violence meted on women by men are higher when those women happen to be pregnant. In an Australian survey of 400 women, 27% had experienced violence during the duration of their pregnancy. Domestic violence has been found to have the enduring impact on its sufferers and survivors. Those who survive it are plagued by a curiously powerful self-esteem that can completely cripple their lives so that they lose their capacity to believe in themselves totally. Maintaining a job can suddenly seem to be a daunting prospect to a victim who has been conditioned to believe that there is nothing of any worth that she can achieve. ...
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In Australia, violence in the home is the leading cause of death, disability, and illness among females between the ages of fifteen and forty-four. The paper "Sexual Abuse Of Women In Australia" discusses the significance of sexual abuse to the woman and her health status in Australia…
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