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Sexual Abuse of Women in Australia - Essay Example

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Sexual Abuse of Women in Australia and Number: Due Date: Introduction Significance of Sexual Abuse to the Woman and Her Health Status Violence against women is one of the least evident but most prevalent types of violence in the world…

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Sexual Abuse of Women in Australia

An undeniable link exists between this trend and the health statistics of women in that particular age group. Women who are constantly exposed to unrelenting abuse are likely to resort to drug use, anxiety-relieving substances to be specific, to assist them not to exist in a constant form of terror. They are also tobacco and alcohol users to a larger extent than the normal population as these substances relax the mind and disperse worry albeit for a short period of time. Women who live with violence also tend to suffer from phobias and somatic illnesses, offshoots of the tense situation in the home. These psychological effects can be as grave as the actual physical blows as they deal with how the victim’s mind interprets the treatment she is receiving from a partner who is supposed to be a protector. She may blame herself for being the cause of the unreasonable behavior of her spouse. She may also excuse his misbehavior as something he cannot control and to which she should get accustomed to. She may rationalize his cruelty especially if she was a witness to a close family member, such as a mother, withstand even harsher behavior from her father by observing to herself that at least she does not have it that bad. These kinds of conclusions will undoubtedly damage her psyche and muddle her own opinion of herself so that she actually begins to identify with her attacker and his actions. ...
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