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Describe how your nursing practice paralleled the code of ethics

Nurses and the people Nurses and the people is one of the major elements that outline the basis of emulating high level of ethics in the provision of care. During the provision of care, nurses should respect the values, family customs, and spiritual beliefs of the people requiring care (Scanlon, 2000). In addition, it is imperative for nurses to provide adequate information regarding the kind of illnesses to the individual in need of care. In order to be compatible with the ethics issues relating to nurses and people, I learn the aspects of human rights, justice and equity. In addition, issues regarding confidentiality and privacy were also covered in the nursing courses in order to have the required skills on dealing with patient’s personal information. Nurses and practice In order to be competent, accountable and responsible in their practice, nurses should undertake continual learning. In this way, nurse ability to provide proper care is not compromised. In order to avoid negative repercussions during delegating of their duties, it is important for nurses to use proper judgment concerning the level of competency of the individuals. One of the major learning aspects I covered in my nursing practice was the research that depicted the relationship between continual learning and competency for workers. ...
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Running head:  ISSUES AND TRENDS ON NURSING Issues and trends on nursing Insert Name Insert Insert 25th October 2011 Issues and trends on nursing The challenges faced by nurses in their duties calls for adequate knowledge and ethical skills in order for them to make proper decisions and have ability to articulate their position…
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