Violence in the Workplace

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Workplace Violence in Health Institutions Students Name: Instructor: Workplace Violence in Health Institutions Abstract The 49th World Health Assembly in 1996 declared violence a major and growing public health problem across the world (Resolution WHA49.25).


On the other hand WHO (2002) define violence as it relates to the health and wellbeing of individuals, allowing for cultural mores. The International Labour Organization (2008) define workplace violence as “any action or incident, or behaviour that departs from reasonable conduct in which a person is assaulted, threatened, harmed, injured in the course of, or as a direct result of, his or her own work.” They have gone ahead and come up with four typologies under workplace violence, these they listed as, violence with criminal intent, customer/client violence, worker-on-worker and personal relationships affecting the employee at work. Episodes of violence in the workplace are increasing in our society. Violence in the workplace has become a critical issue in the United States for a wide range of workers, including jitney and bus drivers, convenient stores clerks, nurses, teachers, and social workers. Although violence has always been inherent in certain occupations, such as law enforcement, correctional work in jails and prisons and security, it is now being reported in occupations traditionally assumed to be safe, such as nursing and social work. ...
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