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Nursing Theory [Name] [Institution] Nursing Theory A theory is a group of related ideas or thoughts that are used to explain or describe a specific phenomenon .A nursing theory therefore explains and describes the present use knowledge in nursing and are used mostly by nurses to exercise their day to day nursing activities.


The aim of this paper is to describe a concept from a particular nursing theory. The excerpt will also describe the application of the concept to the nursing practice as well as to particular domains. The nursing theory to derive the concept is the Virginia Henderson’s need theory. The theory includes a definition of nursing as well as the description of the roles of a nurse, in addition to enumerating the 14 components that comprise the basic nursing care. Henderson nursing theory has four major concepts namely; individual, environment, health, and nursing. This paper will describe the nursing concept. The nursing concept supports temporarily a person without necessary knowledge, will, and strength to satisfy more than one of the 14 basic needs. The concept also helps as well as supports the person in attainment of independence as well as in life activities. The concept brings out the role of nurses as that of serving to ensure the completeness of the patient or to make them whole or independent. The classic definition of nursing according to Henderson is that, “ I say that the nurse does for others what they would do for themselves if they had the strength, the will, and the knowledge. ...
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