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Health Discrimination in Hong Kong

Body In order to fix the health inequities which relate to gender in Hong Kong, possible health care priorities in health policies must include HIV/AIDS screening and treatment opportunities open to all citizens regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Another health priority would be the improved access to women seeking maternal and child care before, during, and after their pregnancy. Gender inequities can sometimes be apparent in relation to access of healthcare programs for women sex workers and for homosexuals (Abdullah,, 2000). These gender inequities must be set aside especially as far as AIDS screening and treatment is concerned. Instead, reforms must include the establishment of mandatory annual screening for STDs and AIDS among sex workers (Wong, 2003). This access must be made available to male, female, including homosexual sex workers and anyone seeking access to these same health services. No discrimination in terms of gender must be made before such services can be accessed. This mandatory screening would help manage the AIDS problem in Hong Kong, and ensure that the numbers of AIDS sufferers would decrease. ...
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Running head: HEALTH DISCRIMINATION IN HONG KONG Health Discrimination in Hong Kong (name) (school) (date) Health Discrimination in Hong Kong Introduction There are various social issues in Hong Kong as was demonstrated by previous discussions. Most of these issues are likely to impact on health care policies, making them significant factors to consider in the formulation of future health policies and on the implementation of improvements and changes in these policies…
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