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Introduction and Purpose of the Project Organizations often have to pursue purposes which may either be for profit or non-profit in nature and based on the overall principles of the organization, every other detail is settled for the organizations. Some organizations tend to set values for themselves which are based upon pursuing excellence at the individual level whereas some organizations chase the dream of making important changes at the community level.


The overall purpose of the project is to provide the medical, psychological as well as emotional support to the teens and youngsters who may be using drugs. The overall rehabilitation as well as their revival is one of the key purposes of the organization however, the focus is also assisting these teens to develop leadership qualities. Team building as well as organizational skills is also taught to these teens in order to help them to live a life which is organized and based upon mutual help of each other. The organization therefore is a non-profit organization with focus upon ensuring that the teens and youth are provided a new opportunity to live a better and more constructive life at the individual as well as community level. Target Population Though apparently the overall target population of the teens facing drug related issues what is however important to note that parents and guardians of the teens are targeted too. Since rehabilitating the teens is a holistic approach therefore healthcare service providers therefore not only target the patients themselves but the parents of these children also. ...
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