Case Study: Theory Application and Evaluation

Case Study
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Case Study: Theory Application and Evaluation Introduction Jimmy is a 35-year old AIDS patient and needs a palliative care. Jimmy is infected with Pneumocystis pneumonia that has perhaps surfaced due to HIV infection. She is also suffering from Kaposi Sarcoma that causes her immense suffering.


3. Effective caring is necessary for the individual's health and betterment. 4. Caring constitutes an integral part of nursing. 5. A proper caring environment is necessary for healthcare needs. 6. All caring responses and actions are just not to maintain status-quo of the patient but to improve his or her condition. 7. Caring and curing are complementary to each other. (Watson, 2007) described certain primary factors of care in the nurse such as humanistic altruistic system of values, establishing faith and hope, sensitivity towards self and others, accepting positive and negative feelings, using scientific ways of problem-solving and decision making, to assist for the gratification of human needs, and to develop a relationship based on trust. Jimmy is suffering from various ailments and perhaps unable to understand the complications of her disease. First of all, the nurse needs to develop a trusting relationship with her. A trusting relationship will help establish Jimmy’s faith in the system and create hope in her mind. Humanistic-altruistic System of Values According to Watson, a humanistic-altruistic system of values begins growing at an early age from parents and family members. This grows further through own life experiences and surroundings. It is an important quality and a basic foundational need for those who want to devote themselves in the nursing care. ...
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