Watson’s Theory of Caring.

Watson’s Theory of Caring. Essay example
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The last few decades witnessed an increasing emphasis on the role of nurses in the healthcare delivery system throughout the world. This increased responsibility brought increased workload and increased stress in the workplace.


The fact is that when there is a sharp rise in the workload and expectations, nurses are prone to lose the caring practice they are supposed to preserve. Here, the knowledge in Jean Watson’s Caring Theory can be a useful asset to any practicing nurse. This work intends to look into the tenets of Jean Watson Caring Theory, and, at the same, I reflect on my own practice as a Registered Nurse at a long term acute facility. Dr. Jean Watson is a distinguished nursing professor form Virginia. With a PhD in educational psychology, she has received many national and international awards. The very basic elements of Jean Watson’s Caring Theory are three in numbers. According to Watson (1988), they are the carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring moment. The Carative Factors According to the work named ‘the theory of human caring: retrospective and prospective’ published in Nursing Science Quarterly in the year 1997 by Watson (1997), carative factors should be considered as the guidelines towards the very basis of nursing. According to the scholar, the traditional medicine considers curative factors as the main function of nursing, and hence, she developed the term ‘carative’ factors to point out that the core of nursing is not in cure; but in care. As the scholar points out in the work, there are ten important aspects of carative factors. The very first element is humanistic and selfless system of value. ...
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