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Leadership Ethics Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Leadership Ethics The nursing profession is endowed with a myriad of demands that are seemingly taking a new turn with the increase in demands of the healthcare system (Parker, Dickenson & Huxtable, 2010).


Nurses are endowed with the fundamental principle that underlies all nursing practice is respect for the inherent worth, dignity and human rights of every individual. All persons must feel secure in the presence of the nurse. Butts & Rich (2005) indicate that, the nurses must not compromise the quality of services they offer notwithstanding considerations of provision of proper healthcare to the individuals, regardless of their affiliation. The nursing profession is governed by ethics that ensure that nurses provide quality patient care to all persons. On the other hand, contemporary nursing cannot alienate the application of ethics in practice, and that leaders must be on the frontline to provide quality healthcare to the individuals. Analysis of Evidence  Provision 2 of the code can be analyzed in a situation a patient is rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU) as a result of suicide case. After admission, it remained the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that, the patient is monitored at all times. In this case, the patient in question was newly employed in the psychiatric field. The nurse was constantly away for a while, and the patient had to fit in the new program of activities. ...
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