Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare

Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Consumer Participation in Mental Healthcare Consumer participation is an active involvement of mental patients in all activities related with access of sound mental health services. This is an important link in delivery of mental health services.


Different stakeholders have suggested several strategies and intervention mechanisms to promote consumer participation in mental health care. According to World Health Organization (W.H.O), the empowerment of patients is a prudent strategy to strike a balance between the patients and mental healthcare providers. This report seeks to explore consumer participation in mental healthcare in three series. First, it will briefly look at the benefits and barriers to consumer participation. Second, it will give consumers account with the healthcare. Lastly, it will analyze its finding and provide concrete conclusion. Several governments have formulated policies that aim at solving the barriers between their mental patients and healthcare providers. These initiatives intend to maximize the benefits of a smooth mental healthcare. Different stakeholders employ these initiatives at different level. With the knowledge that consumers are paramount to the successes of the endeavor, these governments focus on consumer friendly interventions. The varied level of participation include, establishment of national consumer networks, officers of consumer networks, and consumer- directed provider organizations. Moreover, the policies promote consumer participation in the mental health facilities. ...
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