Pregnancy, Labor and Birthday Practices of Asia (India)

Pregnancy, Labor and Birthday Practices of Asia (India) Essay example
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Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date of Submission: Pregnancy, Labor and Birthing Practices of Asia (India) Continuation of the family lineage is one of the most important aspects of any society. Not only is it considered development of a particular family’s generation, but also the development of the society at large.


All societies have their unique labor and birthing practices and India as a society is no different. This paper will be a discussion on laboring practices of Asia, India, focusing on the role of the family and taboos before, during and after birth. With over 375 million children, India accounts for the highest population of children in the world. A majority of these are Hindus but there are other minorities such as Sikh and Muslims. According to Info Change, a non-profit organization that concentrates on sustainable development and social justice in South East Asia, about 36 percent of the population lives below poverty line. Of this percentage, women and children account for 73 percent. These may be attributed to the socio-economic conditions and Hindu beliefs that greatly influence child rearing practices in India. Along with strict rearing practices of children in India come a number of practices that are associated with its coming into the world. First of all, eating patterns of a woman are restricted (NCBI 533). This ranges from the kinds of food that she can eat to the amount that is to be taken. It is believed that when a pregnant woman eats too much, the fetus will not have room to move. ...
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