Nephrotic Syndrome/Renal Failure

Nephrotic Syndrome/Renal Failure Essay example
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Author Tutor Course Date Nephrotic Syndrome Nephrotic syndrome is a condition where the kidney blood vessels, which filter dirt from the blood, get damaged, allowing through towering particles like proteins. This causes urine to have proteins consequently leading to low protein level in the blood.


In other words, nephrotic syndrome is an indication of presence of a disease or various diseases, which are damaging the kidneys or in particular a group of vessels which filter the blood. The main cause of nephrotic syndrome is the damage to the filtering section of the kidneys which may result from another disease or disorder. These diseases affect the kidneys leading to them leaking the proteins in the blood into the urine. The causes of this disorder can not be specifically pointed out. Minimal change disease, which is common in children, is one main cause of nephrotic syndrome. This is disorder which interferes with the normal functioning of the kidney, but when the kidney is observed under a microscope, it appears to be normal. Hepatitis and malaria are two diseases, which cause thickening of walls of the vessels filtering blood in the kidneys. The thickening of the walls is linked to the two mentioned diseases as well as cancer. Another cause of kidney failure well known is the diabetic kidney disease. This is diabetes which affects the kidneys, and it leads to damages which affect the filtering vessels. Sometimes blood clots in the kidney vein, and this is a main cause of nephrotic syndrome. These blood clots block the veins connected to the kidneys causing the condition. ...
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