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Health Promotion Teaching Plan Student Name: Date Submitted: Health Promotion Teaching Plan Health promotion in the contemporary society comprises different strategies designed to inform, influence and assist both organizations and individuals to take active responsibilities in issues that affect health.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the chief objective of this teaching plan is to enable students to increase awareness and control of health determinants; thus, promoting personal and communal health (2001). Assessment of Learning Needs This project started with the assessment of learner needs. The assessment revealed that the students want a better quality of life coupled with positive health. The students have a profound knowledge of health promotion in attaining a desire to control their lives and activities that improve health. However, traditional strategies of health promotion limit the development of learning for some students. Diverse set of students’ cultural backgrounds hinders the teaching of common health promotion strategies. They recognize the need to address health problems and the individual lifestyle patterns that cause these problems. The class does not require exceptional learning needs because a common learning method and style will achieve set goals. Self-care is essential in studying health promotion in class; this promotes readiness to learn because it incorporates individual skills in learning. Students need to understand how personal healthcare spreads to other community members. All students are expected to learn how to shift resources to facilitate prevention of health problems. ...
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