Management of Peripheral Intravascular Devices

Management of Peripheral Intravascular Devices Essay example
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Management of Peripheral Intravascular Devices Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City & State: Date: Management of Peripheral Intravascular Devices Introduction Intravascular devices are the implements that are useful during the practice of healthcare administration, especially where the target points of administration are the blood vessels.


Other chief areas include the dressing systems – related to the areas where intravascular devices are inserted, the time to be taken before intravascular devises are checked or changed; and the favorable hang time for the devices used during the administration. During the practicum session, there are points when different reasoning areas were used, these including the application of a personal point of view and operating on the basis of initial anxiety related to clinical practice. Others included the attempts at bridging the theory-practical application gap which often calls for clinical supervision by experienced staff and the nurture of professional role and mode of practice. These different focal areas were also significant in determining the learning models that would be most helpful towards the development of the best clinical practicum experience. From the practicum, I also realized that the exposure gained at educational component of nursing. This was easy to tell, because getting easy tasks implemented could raise the feelings of anxiety and incompetence. However, with continued exposure, there was a set of knowledge accumulated and increased mastery of practice (The Joanna Briggs Institute, 2008). ...
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