Analyzing an Aspect of Nursing Care Based on a Provided Profile of a Patient

Analyzing an Aspect of Nursing Care Based on a Provided Profile of a Patient Essay example
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Name of the Student Nursing Name of the Concerned Professor 14 May 2012 Analysing a Chosen Aspect of Nursing Care Based On a Provided Profile of a Patient Introduction A 77 year old male patient with past history of myocardial infarction (MI), left ventricular failure, COPD, duodenal ulcer and peripheral vascular disease was admitted with an acute presentation of stroke.


Although, the patient has multiple system involvement, given the recent history of myocardial infarction and resulting LVF, heart failure is likely to be the leading cause of hospital readmission in this case. LVF, when coexisting with COPD, makes pharmacological treatment challenging (Padeletti, Jelic and LeJemtel, 2008). This disease is likely to impact and overshadow the management and prognosis of all other associated conditions. Limitation of functional capacity due to LVF is a serious hindrance for the patient to seek treatment for other associated conditions and participate in a rehabilitation program for stroke, peripheral vascular disease and COPD. Acute decompensation of LVF can occur because of treatment non-compliance, infection or poor nutritional status and can be fatal. Thus, nurses play an important role in preventing acute decompensation and rehospitalisation. Heart failure patients generally have a poor prognosis and a reduced quality of life (Gould, 2002). However, because of advances in treatment and dedicated heart failure programs, the prognosis of the condition has improved with the 6 month mortality rate declining from 26% in 1995 to 14% in 2005(Mehta, et al., 2009). ...
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