Critique: Stone et al (2007) 'Nurse Working Conditions and Patient Safety Outcomes'

Critique: Stone et al (2007)
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Critique: Stone et al (2007) ‘Nurse Working Conditions and Patient Safety Outcomes’ In this study, the authors’ have endeavored to evaluate the impact of working conditions as experienced by nurses in various clinical settings on patient safety outcomes.


The data were collected from the records available in Medicare files as well from their own surveillance study, the latter being designed on the pattern and protocol employed in the National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance System (Stone et al, 2007). The study was designed on the basis of the acute nursing shortage and its impact on hospital environments’, especially intensive care units where the increased workload on nurses has been proven to exert profound negative effect on patient outcomes as demonstrated by evaluative parameters such as ‘Central line associated bloodstream infections (CLBSI), ventilator-associated pneumonia, catheter-associated Urinary tract infections, 30-day mortality, and decubiti’ (Stone et al, 2007). The authors’ admit in their introductory lines that care in intensive care units is much better in Magnet accredited hospitals rather than in others, the latter being afflicted with adversities like poor organizational climate, low nurse wages’ and excessive overtime, the latter putting undue pressure on working nursing professionals. Patient outcomes are therefore expected to be poorer in non Magnet accredited hospitals. ...
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