Knowing in Nursing: Concept Analysis

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Knowing: A Concept Analysis Name Institution Date Knowing: A Concept Analysis Nurses encounter different types of patients who have different kinds of diseases in their world of profession. All nurses who work in patient care settings therefore need to develop an understanding as well as focus on the different variables of human nature.


This paper will explore knowing as a concept analysis in nursing since it is a subject of great relevance in this field. Knowing a patient is an important issue that has been identified in recent studies being carried out in nursing practice. Developing a clear patient understanding will assist in creating a cherished relationship as nurses will treat their patients as unique individuals. According to recent research, knowing a patient entails two components, which are, selection of individual interventions and general patient understanding. There are three important factors that that are important in knowing a patient and they include: experience that a nurse has gained in the practice of caring for patients, a sense of closeness which has developed between a nurse and a patient as well as chronological events which have taken place in a clinical setting (Radwin, 1996). Literature review Knowing in nursing refers to a unique type of knowledge in every individual that is developed when there is an interface between objective knowledge and individual’s subjective perspective based on personal experience (Fagerstrom and Tofthagen, 2010). Knowing is a process which keeps changing and it will result from transformations and reflections that will occur as a person lives and interacts with the world. ...
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