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Towards Inexistence of Healthcare-Associated Infections - Essay Example


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Towards Inexistence of Healthcare-Associated Infections

The prevalence of healthcare-associated infections continues to be a global issue (Dixon, 2011). The Center for Disease Control defined healthcare-associated infection as a condition that “develop during hospitalization but are neither present nor incubating upon the patient’s admission to the hospital” (Collins, 2008). This may occur as early as a day from admission to 10 days from patient’s discharge (Collins, 2008). Change as an Agent Occurrence of healthcare-associated infections is gaining worldwide attention. According to Alfa et al. (2008), it has become a custom for the United States to exert more effort on survey and identification of healthcare-associated infections than to focus on execution of plans. Studies have consistently shown that sanitation is an indispensable factor and key to prevention of these infections. Sanitation as a factor predominantly includes severely maintained health facilities, improper personnel hygiene, improper decontamination techniques and lack of standard infection control protocols (Weston, 2008). The preliminary step towards eradication of healthcare-associated infections entails major improvements both in personnel conduct and organizational environment. A clear cut example of behavior modifications for healthcare personnel is the proper observation of hygiene, specifically, hand washing. Weston (2008) cited the importance of hand hygiene in interruption of the mode of transmission for diseases. The simplest act of proper hand washing led to tremendous

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effect and significant decrease of nosocomial infections (Collins, 2008). On the other hand, organizational strategies have been implemented as well. The World Health Organization pioneered campaigns encouraging adoption of practices towards patient safety among nations (Alfa et al., 2008). People’s behavior and environmental traditions are in co-existence with one another. When members of the healthcare team strive to improve, it creates ripples of change in the healthcare society. Conversely, organizational innovations results to changes in personnel conduct. Responsibility and Conformity Every member of the healthcare team plays a significant role in the promotion of optimal health, treatment of disease and prevention of infection. Teamwork is a must because each member’s main goal is to provide the best health condition to a patient without jeopardizing their own health in the process. Nurses and other health personnel are the ones providing hands-on care to patients (Collins, 2008). Hence, they are responsible for their own actions and for the provision of optimal patient care (Weston, 2008). Vigilance in the execution and implementation of proper healthcare practices is a must. Nurses become keen observers of the methods for infection control at one another. Nowadays, there has been an extensive establishment of infection control as another discipline (Dixon, 2011). Members of these infection control bodies are responsible for the surveillance, supervision and enactment of guidelines for prevention of infection. Information dissemination and adherence to existing policies regarding infection control is an exemplary method of teamwork among the members of healthcare team. Leadership as Key Existing infection control organizations are the giant leaders of change in society. They are the founding bodies for the policies that guide the entire healthcare team. Its


Leadership and Compliance Towards Inexistence of Healthcare-associated Infections College Name Leadership and Compliance towards Inexistence of Healthcare-associated Infections Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’…
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Towards Inexistence of Healthcare-Associated Infections essay example
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