Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice

Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Essay example
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` Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Customer Inserts His/Her Name University Name Introduction It is a fact that every nurse, regardless of his or her specialty, come across various ethical challenges. These challenges bring them in a situation in which they find it difficult to make an appropriate decision.


Nurse Carol Hathaway came into a situation in which she either had to remain to her promise and allow Andrea to go without any further treatment or break the confidentiality and inform the parents. Implications of Breach of Confidentiality The purpose of confidentiality between a patient and health care provider is to gain trust and provide the patient with privacy regarding medical issues and assure him or her that all the matters between them will remain confidential. When the private information is disclosed by the health care provider to anyone else without informing the patient then this is regarded as breach of confidentiality which is absolutely wrong morally, ethically and legally (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2008). The implications of breach of confidentiality are a lack of trust between the patient and healthcare provider due to which the patients avoid sharing vital information about their health issues and thereby may not receive proper treatment. However, there are certain exceptions in which it becomes obligatory for the physicians to report certain infectious diseases to public health authorities in order to protect the community from it. Ethical Principles to Substantiate Our Position While approaching towards ethical decisions the nurse must act as an advocate for the patient. ...
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