Prevention Strategy Before the Commencement of John's Chemotherapy

Prevention Strategy Before the Commencement of John
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Student’s name: Course title Name of Instructor Date of Submission Case Study Essay - Individual Once an individual has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, it is of great significance that the extent of the disease be established. Once distant or regional metastases are identified, a combination of various therapies such as surgical are applied.


As in the case study, John has undergone surgery. After surgery, he agrees to receive adjuvant chemotherapy which comprises of fluorouracil. After a few days, John returns for Chemotherapy third cycle. During this visit, he has developed some wounds in his mouth making him to experience difficulty in eating. After mouth assessment, it is noted that his oral cavity is red in color. Besides, the oral cavity has at least three ulcers (3), each five millimeter (5mm) in diameter. These side effects are as a result of fluorouracil prescription. Patients undergoing such a treatment report various side effects such as temporary hair thinning or loss, dizziness and the resurfacing of painful sores inside the mouth lining and in some cases on the lips as in the case of John. Given the side effects of this treatment, John should shun spicy or irritating foods as they can enhance further inflammation or irritation. Apart from the named side effects, fluorouracil impacts significantly on the cells around the immune system. For instance, chemotherapy drug tampers with the normal functioning of the bone marrow thereby decreasing the number of white blood cells. This increases the patient’s vulnerability to various infections. ...
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