Older Adults in Society

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Older Adults in Society Sr. # Topic Pg. # 1. Introduction 3 2. Ageing and ageism 4 3. Ageism in the health care sector 6 4. Methods for tackling ageism 9 5. Conclusion 14 References 15 “Ageism is the form of prejudice experienced most commonly by people in the UK and that seems to be true pretty much across gender, ethnicity, religion, disability - people of all types experience ageism, and indeed people of all ages experience ageism.” BBC, 2005 Introduction and Background: There have been growing incidences of discrimination among people on the basis of their age.


It represents a set of beliefs, with regard to ageing process which tends to be potentially fatal for the health and well-being of the aged. It leads to various negative repercussions, for instance, it may lead to the development of fear and belittling among the aged; cause stereotyping and baseless presumptions with regard to the competence and the need of the aged for protection and health care. Accroding to Bytheway and Johnson (1990), ageism “legitimates the use of chronological age to mark out classes of people who are systematically denied resources and opportunities that others enjoy, and who suffer the consequences of such denigration, ranging from well?meaning patronage to unambiguous vilification’. They further state that it may also give rise to various inherent negative beliefs concerning older people as well the whole process of ageing in general, beginning with well-intentioned benefaction to unequivocal disparagement (Bytheway, 1995). ...
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