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Scope of Practice Introduction Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in Minnesota administer medication and carryout necessary treatment as prescribed by a physician. They get this specialized knowledge in an approved school that imparts skills of practical nursing; however, that is not as intensive as gained by registered practical nurses (RPNs).


LPNs begin practicing after finishing their one year Practical Nursing Program. In contrast, a registered nurse is graduated with a more intense 4-year nursing program. Though qualifications differentiate them clearly but in actual practice at many places their jobs has obscured demarcation line due to several reasons such as nursing shortages or economic challenges. The Minnesota Nurse Practice Act is in force to serve the nursing practices in the state. In 2010, The Institute of Medicine issued a report about the future of nursing and made several recommendations that nurses should practice during their education and training. Subsequent to this report and in view of the increasing complexities due to changes in techniques and technology in healthcare practices, Minnesota Board of Nursing decided to review the Nurse Practice Act so that the duties of registered and licensed practical nurses can clearly be defined. RN versus LPN – Role Differentiation As per proposed changes to the Minnesota Nurse Practice Act, registered nurse (RN) is defined as nursing practice that provides caring to all patients in any settings with or without compensation. The RN has extensive roles under Nursing Practice Act to perform. ...
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