More Stringent Requirements Send Nurses Back to School

More Stringent Requirements Send Nurses Back to School Essay example
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More Stringent Requirements Send Nurses Back to School - By Richard Perez Pena According to Perez Pena, as he has referred in his article “More Stringent Requirements Send Nurses Back to School” published in The New York Times on 23rd June, 2012, a more stringent rule is about to come to the nurses.


A recent statistical finding of the American Association of College of Nursing has revealed the fact that admission to such program has witnessed a three fold growth in less than 10 years and due to the rise in online nursing courses. The requirement for nurses is so huge that the undergraduate nurses are still in demand. But the analysts have predicted that may change in the near future. Lawmakers in several states have framed bills according to, which at least some nurses working in a hospital should have a bachelor’s degree. However it is still not institutionalized (Pena, 2012). The stakeholders are the general public and the nurses. The nurses are going to be directly affected while the general public will be indirectly affected by this decision. Here the author is emphasizing on two points. On one hand he is saying that nurses will have to become more educated to retain their jobs and to get better equipped in their future. However, this will also pose difficulties for the current as well as aspiring nurses, since from now on becoming a nurse would be a more tedious job than before. On the other hand he is stating that if the nurses are more qualified, they will be able to do their jobs in a better way as they would have better knowledge about the subject and the patients will get a better service. ...
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