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quantitative research

The sample represents the teenage population in one village in the Capricorn district of the Limpopo province (Babbie & Mouton, 2009). This indicates that the study was only considering the pregnant teenagers in that geographic sector. The sample therefore represents the part of population that has the highest number of individuals.
Eligibility criteria and delimitations are not clearly shown in the research article. This is because the sample that aided in the research did not require formalities such as education background and financial issues. In addition, the study was based on facts in the area of operation and not assumptions.
According to the issue in the area of study, the study sample was adequate because generation of reliable information was possible from the sample. This facilitates the concept of relevance in a study.
The instruments were reliable and valid since they were straight to the main objective of the study (Babbie & Mouton, 2009). In addition, the translation into the local language created a greater understanding and establishment was prior to the study.
The rise in the number of teenage pregnancies is resulting to a great concern and being more critical. The situation requires urgent and appropriate action to prevent family disintegration (Babbie & Mouton, ...
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A probability method was used in order to ensure that all subjects in the operation had an appropriate and equal opportunity for being part of the study.
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