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Critical Analysis of an Assessment Process

As a mentor, I believe that hand washing practice is one of the most efficient infection management measure for preventing healthcare associated infections. However, compliances rates on recommended hand hygiene practices have been demanding. Hand washing is a key factor in promoting adherence to hygiene based practices. With proper hand washing practices the spread of bacteria and viruses can be eradicated and controlled thus minimizing risk of contracting food borne illnesses. The student believed that it is common sense for every individual to conduct such practices but it is never the case. The student lacks some of the essential information regarding hand washing practices and I had to chip in to teach the practice through the eight domains of mentoring. Establishing effective working relationship: We established effective working relationship through creation of a rapport. Our relationship was to be based on mutual respect and trust. I ensured the student of uttermost confidentiality to enable the student to open up and talk his heart out. I also had to demonstrate understanding of hand washing practices in practice settings. Did this to enable the student create more trust in me and enable him to open up so that I could address the underlying factors. ...
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.The student articulated that hand washing practices are effective means of preventing spread of disease causing microorganisms, viruses and bacteria, which cause food borne illnesses. …
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