Ethics paper on "Privacy" and "Confidentiality"

Ethics paper on "Privacy" and "Confidentiality" Term Paper example
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PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY Name: Date: Privacy is the aptitude of an individual to seclude oneself or any information about him or herself. Apparently, the content or boundaries to which one may refer to as private vary among individuals and cultures, though they possess certain similarities in themes.


These aspects range within intellectual, behavioral and physical factors in our lives (Chmara). Relative to privacy is confidentiality, which refers to treatment of data, or information that one has disclosed with an expectation that the information will not unveil to other people. Confidentiality is based on trust and anything under confidential terms should only remain within boundaries (Rothstein). At times, there are actions and measures directed at maintaining and protecting the confidential data. While privacy is all about people, a sense of control on other people access on us, protection rights and maintaining information within the power of the participant; confidentiality is about identifiable data, extensions on privacy, and agreements about maintenance along with access controls. From this perspective, confidentiality to some extend comprises of privacy (Rothstein). From my point of view, people posses a need for prima facie rights in privacy. In life, there exists a need for a right in revealing and concealing our relationships with the society and the outer world at large. In this perspective, at our work places, issues addressing health and productivity only concern the employed and the employer (Tomes). ...
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