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This empowers the patient as he or she can now have a greater latitude in taking care of himself or herself because preventing disease is more affordable than treatment. The latter often disenfranchises the have nots and makes health care unjust as social epidemiology suggests that the distribution of disease, impairment and general health care issues are more concentrated in the lower strata of society where people in lower classes have higher rates of mortality and disability. While we agree that this should not be the case, concrete action has to be made to make heath care equitable and universal. And central to this effort of making health care more equitable and universal are nurses whose roles became more demanding now as the new landscape demands more health at lesser cost. This does not mean that nurses should adopt a defeatist attitude and sulk in petty grievance that the nursing profession is already overworked with health care institutions swelling with patients while nurse ratio are not commensurate. Nurse in fact has to adopt a proactive mindset, to assume greater responsibility in finding ways to provide health care with less. In the long run, these new developments could be good for the patients as it is targeted at preventive care than treatment. But for the time being, nurses have to assume the responsibility of health care backlog as health care becomes more universal. Given these new demands on the profession of nursing of doing more with less, the nurse should be given greater autonomy in the dispensation of his or her duty to optimize his or her capacity to provide care and not be bogged down by unwanted bureaucracy. Nurses should be trusted for their role to be expanded in patient care and to be given more independence in the day to day patient care because just like doctors, they too care for the patients and is bound by an ethical oath of which they have to follow. Just like doctors, nurses also adhere to strict professional code that includes beneficence which directs nurses not to inflict any harm to the patient and to be just in providing care based on the patient’s need and not on other consideration. The reiteration of this ethical guidelines of which every nurse is bound to adhere should rest the doubt of anyone who suspects that nurses cannot provide adequate patient care when given more autonomy. In practice, the opposite could be true that could nurses could be more effective both from clinical and personnel management perspective. . This is now necessary because nurses cannot just rely on how things were usually done considering that the present health care is less than the ideal which is now becoming typical in most health care institutions in America because of the lack of budget, qualified personnel, equipment and supplies. This is important to stress because most nursing students today will become nurses in the future and we have to realize now that we should not accept this less than ideal situation in nursing. Nurses should not give in to the problems of deteriorating nursing institutions which is now becoming prevalent and acceptable today. We have to be proactive as early as now while we are still learning the ropes of nursing because it will shape our attitude when we become ...Show more


Name Professor Class Date Recent development in healthcare demands greater efficiency in the dispensation of health care . The expansion of coverage towards the less privileged sectors in society with the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare and shift in emphasis from treatment towards preventive care calls for a greater for health care practitioners that includes nurses because persons who were not previously covered by health care will now be included…
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Imagine essay example
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