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The study subjects were categorized by sex and age after which their demographic data was taken. cyanobacteria isolates were cultured in sterile inorganic media. The research was conducted using skin patch technique in which the nurses prepared subjects’ backs using acetone and the patches applied (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). The patches contained aqueous suspensions of cyanobacteria which were applied for 48 hours. Dermatological assessments were carried out after 48 and 96 hours of application. The subjects were advised to keep their backs clean and not to participate in any vigorous activity that might interfere with the patches. The hypothesis that was evaluated in this research was to assess the potential of cyanobacteria to cause skin hypersensitivity reactions. The literature review mainly covered two variables: cyanobacteria and skin patch technique. These are the most important variables since they form the core of the research hypothesis. The literature review starts by describing what cyanobacteria are and associated public health risks. Skin rashes have been reported as a result of exposure to cyanobacteria. Usually, these rashes are very pruritic and itchy (Ian, Ivan, Penelope, Philip, & Glen, 2006, p. 2). In order to understand the hypothesis, conditions that favor growth of these algae and their health effects have to be known. ...
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Literature Review Insert name Insert institution This paper is meant to review literature on selected articles in the nursing field that are related to maintaining skin integrity. Stewart et al (2006) did some research on “Cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions to freshwater cyanobacteria- human volunteer studies”…
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