Effective approaches in leadership and management

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Issue: Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over Introduction Healthcare is most prominent sector of the US economy and the nurses are the most important constituents of the healthcare sector for its efficient functioning.


Though several efforts have been initiated to address the nursing shortage issue at national, state and local levels yet the issue of nursing turn-over needs to be addressed at the organizational levels through managerial and leadership initiatives. The paper explores how the nursing retention and turn-over issues can be tackled through an effective leadership and managerial approach in any healthcare organization. Leaders and managers choose their leadership styles based on the situations; often, they are described as organizational structures, employee characteristics, nature of work, skills involved. From the managerial perspective, it will be most prudent to identify the situation that exists in the nursing profession in the US in the present times. Reasons of High Turnover CareerBuilder (2010) conducted one survey involving 12,147 registered nurses (RNs) to find their average stay in the healthcare organization. The results informed that the median stay of RNs was 1.4 years. The stay was lowest in the nursing care facilities at only 0.97 years and the longest was found to be 1.57 years at physicians’ clinics. ...
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