Career development in nursing (2007)

Career development in nursing (2007) Essay example
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Women’s Health (2012) Introduction The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is a group consisting of more than 130 nursing associations all around the world. In its course to guarantee quality assured nursing facilities, ICN reported on various positions which are essential to be considered when deciding upon the maintenance of good health within the global community.


Simultaneously, the position statement intends to specify the responsibilities required to be performed by the nurses (International Council of Nurses, 2012). This paper hereby intends to report on a particular position statement forwarded by ICN, in relation to women’s health. The discussion will also aim at taking into account the significance of the position statement in the context of nursing functions by analyzing scholarly articles which are relevant to the issue in concern. It will also consider examining the various legal as well as ethical implications of the position. Additionally, the utilization of the position statement will be summarized to benefit the community. Overview of the Position Statement The position statement put forward by ICN regarding women’s health in the global arena reveals various difficulties faced by them all around the world. The report depicts that women populaces worldwide, are intensely affected by the ways they are treated and the position that is rendered to them within the society. The report depicts that there are various causing factors which intend to contribute to the women’s health problems in the global society. ...
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