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The Pain Experience of Hispanic Patients with Cancer in the United States Student Name: Subject: Professor: January 29, 2013 Research be conducted using different methodologies. The journal article The Pain Experience of Hispanic Patients with Cancer in the United States delves on patient-based Hispanic cancer healthcare (Im, Guevara & Chee, 2007).


The authors convincingly states that culture and financial capacity were hindrances to the divergence in the delivery of healthcare services to the Hispanics and immigrants. The authors insist that focusing on the removal of the two hindrances should be prioritized (Im, Guevara & Chee, 2007). Further, the authors use secondary resources to back up the hypothesis. The secondary sources include the 2002 Andersen et al. findings that Hispanic patients had to endure more pain and lesser quality of life healthcare services compared to the white Americans and the African Americans. The authors use another secondary source, Cleeland et. al., showing the language barrier prevents the vivid transfer of healthcare information between the healthcare provider and the Hispanic cancer patients. The misinformation between the Hispanic patients and the English-speaking White and African Americans created a vague picture of the patient’s true medical condition. The miscommunication precipitated to medical professionals prescribing less effective medicines or medical procedures (Im, Guevara & Chee, 2007). Critique of the methodological congruence of your article. ...
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