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Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course name and number: Date submitted: Legal aspect of nursing and the Ethics of nursing Healthcare providers (Nurses, physician, and physician assistants) have tremendous responsibilities. It is tremendously vital for a nurse to be aware of the lawful aspects that supplement delivery of care in the industry of healthcare.


Therefore, the law of nursing is meant to aide nurses in making decisions in order to prevent incidences that can course legal suits. In addition, law of nursing streamlines the services provided by nurses so that nurses can take liability for malpractices. The law is postulated to protect patients and nurses in delivering nursing care services (Barbara, and Phillips, 2013). It is advisable that nurses to familiarize with the Tort Law. Tort law chiefly deals with, negligence, and malpractice cases in the healthcare world. Nurses should be concerned with profound of accepting Tort Law because it creates one of the biggest panics in the medical world. Tort Law defines liabilities and responsibilities of nurses when providing nursing care to the patient. Tort is the wrongful act that generates harm intentionally or unintentionally. Malpractices in nursing are, therefore, a Tort in which nursing principals are not accomplished (Barbara, and Phillips, 2013). Hence, Tort Law is the common and known law that all healthcare practitioners are required to adhere to in order to prevent circumstances that may be observed as medical malpractices. (Barbara, and Phillips, 2013). ...
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