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Ethical Dilemma [Author] [Institution] Ethical Dilemma Ethical Dilemma can be described as a moral dilemma which is a type of situation in which the moral values conflict with the right decisions. To achieve the best result one has to choose something which is often against the moral or social values.


In short we can say that there is no satisfactory outcome of an ethical dilemma and despite this, decisions have to be made. The outcome of the ethical dilemma affects both the subject and object leaving both unhappy at the end of the day. How I became Aware of the Term: I came to know about the ethical dilemmas and its severity when a lady in my neighborhood faced this situation. Let us call the lady ABC. She was pregnant and belonged to Jehovah Witnesses Sect of religion. Unfortunately she met an accident in which she lost her blood. When she was brought to the hospital her breathing rate was 28/m and she was complaining about weakness in the head. After careful evaluation and several different tests including ultrasonography the doctors suggested blood transfusion to save her and the baby. The situation became worst when she refused to accept blood as it was against her religion. Doctors suggested other ways of blood gain like blood products but she refused both the methods on religious grounds. In her worst situation she delivered a baby. But after two hours her condition became even worst and she died of cardiac arrest. ...
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