Loma Linda University Value essays (part 2)

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission 1. Tell us what characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education. I knew I wanted to be a nurse even when I was still a small child.


Days at the nursing home are still some of my fondest memories because I spent time with my dad and I became part of a loving community – some things many kids today are lacking. I never knew why my dad brought me with him when he volunteered. Perhaps there was no one else who can take care of me, or maybe he simply wanted to teach me a lesson about compassion and caring, I haven’t really asked. But as a dreamy child, these visits at the nursing home brought me a different understanding of people’s needs and my own purpose in life. For one, I realized that people who referred to medical professionals are human beings and must be treated with love and respect in order for them to get better. I saw that by genuinely caring for the patient’s well-being, it gave them the will to fight off their own ailments. I also saw that being a health practitioner, one is not superior to his patients. In fact, superiority should not be an issue. My observations led me to understand that the patient is half the solution. Without the patient’s cooperation, the doctor cannot be successful. Hence, I realized that the medical profession is really about building relationships with patients, rather than the prescription of medicines. Working with my father at the nursing home made me understand that the health profession is not about earning good income for one’s self. ...
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