Rural/Community Hospital Role Transition Assignment

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Rural/Community Hospital Role Transition Name: Unit: Lecturer: Date: Introduction The following paper is a representation of my experience at the CentraCare hospital located in Sauk Center Minnesota. I was working there, and assigned to different RNs. Sauk center which is alevel 4 trauma center, handles patients with different needs and injuries.


This made it easier for me to understand and be incorporated into the system faster. As a result I was able to achieve my goals and make a clear report on what transpires in the hospital. Goals Set The goals set for my clinical experience while in the rural setting hospital in Sauk Centre were met. My first goal was to learn what the nurse to patient assignment ratio was, compared to other facilities and where I work. I was told that the nurse to patient ratio was 1:3 or occasionally 1:4 depending on the acuity of the patient needs. The first day of clinical the RN I was working with was assigned two patients. A comfort care patient that had just suffered from a stroke and a patient receiving GI prep for a colonoscopy scheduled for the following day. There was an elderly lady that was brought to the ER by ambulance due to a recent fall with symptoms of headache, increased weakness and left leg pain. Her head CT was positive for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. She was then transferred to St. Cloud Hospital by the very same ambulance and EMT’s that had brought her to the hospital. The second day of clinical experience I worked with an RN that had four surgical patients that had various types of surgeries. They were all scheduled for different times and were discharged at all different times throughout the day. ...
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