Global Health-Improving Access to Health Care and Medication

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Global Health Author Institution I. Introduction Health equity relates to the “absence of systematic disparities in health between and within social groups that possess diverse levels of underpinning social advantages or disadvantages. Health equity details “when all people possess the opportunity to gain full health potential” and none is disadvantaged from attaining this position owing to their social position or other socially determined circumstance.


The global access to health has been impacted significantly by social and environmental factors that yield marked differences in health status (Collins 2003, p.97). As a result, the core focus centers on understanding and intervening within the underpinning causes of health inequity. The World Health Organization has outlined a number of indicators for health access, namely: life expectancy and mortality; health service coverage; selected infectious diseases; risk factors; health expenditure; health inequities; health information systems and data availability; and, demographic and socioeconomic statistics. The inequalities in global access to health do not only manifest between countries, but also within countries and closely associate with the level of social disadvantage (Gulliford & Morgan 2003, p.3). The Case for Health Disparities Health disparities remain broadly defined as variations in disease prevalence or treatment based on aspects such as sex, race, or ethnicity, income, education attainment, geographic location, or sexual orientation. ...
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