Palliative Care for Aboriginal People

Palliative Care for Aboriginal People Essay example
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Palliative care involves providing medical care to patients in a bid to alleviate their pain and suffering and not so much to heal as is with medical treatment. In a standard setting, palliative care commences as soon as a condition is diagnosed.


The core purpose of palliative care is to alleviate physical, psychological and social distress so that improves the quality of life of individuals and their families facing the problems associated with life-limiting illness. In addition, it involves the family and in most cases extends to the involvement of the community. This aspect of palliative care raises the question of cultural influences to the effectiveness or defectiveness of the whole process in this multicultural country(Elliott, Aitken & Chaboyer, 2011). It is, therefore, imperative that nurses provide spiritual and cultural care for individuals and their family receiving palliative care through the application of spiritual and cultural competent nursing care principles (Elliott, Aitken & Chaboyer, 2011). The discussion will focus on Aboriginal and Torres Islander people spiritual and cultural care in relation to palliation. To grasp the sensitivity of palliative care to the Aboriginal people, one has to understand the underlying factors that precipitated their alienation from the rest of the Australian populations. Over 20% of the Aboriginal population lives in very remote areas (100 kilometres from a health centre). This Aboriginal population has the highest death rate in Australia especially for people between the ages of 25-45. ...
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