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Global Health and Turkey Name Institution Background Turkey’s is a country located between the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Its government has had tremendous change over the years with numerous reforms in the social and political scene. This several reforms initiated have been aimed at improving the economy and government.


The country population growth rate is at 1.2 percent according to the 2012 statistics. Turkey’s population is estimated at almost 81 million. Turkey has had tremendous progress technologically, economically, politically and medically. The biggest positive change to happen in Turkey is its dedication to reducing tobacco use amongst its citizens. The government’s commitment to help in the fight against tobacco use is a beneficial asset to the Turkish people. This is aimed at enhancing the life quality of its nationals. There are still numerous challenges that are still in existent in the country this include the high rate of infant mortality rate, the high unemployment rate and inadequate water supply. Cardiovascular diseases remain the main challenge resulting in deaths alongside deaths from diabetes in non-communicable diseases. There are currently programs in Turkey that target respiratory diseases, inactivity, obesity and anti-tobacco use (Yuksel, 2003). Despite the adequate funding allocated towards health promotion and education, there are no current policies, programs or action plans in operation to increase awareness of cardiovascular diseases. Behavior Tobacco use is an urgent issue that has to be addressed in Turkey. ...
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