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Critique of Research Article Name of Student Grand Canyon University Critique of Research Article Kalisch, Weaver, and Salas (2009) presented information on the topic of teamwork in nursing care. The authors used a “theoretically based model of teamwork” (p.


The authors used a specific model so that they could gain a concrete idea of what teams looked like and how they were executed in the hospitals. Problem Statement Clinical and Research Problem Nursing teamwork has become increasingly important in hospitals because they are on the first line of assistance to patients. The need for nurses working together was seen in many areas of the hospital. For example, the authors state that most studies were done with surgical and emergency room nurses, but research on teams has not been seen with acute care facilities. The authors felt that there needed to be a specific understanding of teamwork so that nurses would be encouraged to work together because teamwork is critical to patient safety. The authors point out that hospitals still are unsure of what teamwork in nursing should look like and how it should be executed. The authors state that, “Lack of clarity about the teamwork processes underlying nursing teamwork hinders the development of targeted, effective quality enhancement and patient safety initiatives” (p. 298). If teamwork is understood and there is a model that can be used to help hospitals be more effective, patient care will be enhanced, according to this study. ...
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