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Student name Tutor name Course name Date “Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? When Is It Okay to Break Confidentiality?" 1. According to Pamela Nathanson, there are both positive and negative ethical implications of a breach of confidentiality in a clinical setting (1).


This may be problematic for the healthcare personnel to diagnose the actual disease a patient will be suffering from, and it may be difficult to apply proper medication to the patient. This is dangerous since it can be harmful to the patient in the long run. However, there are certain instances where breach of confidentiality can be viewed in a positive light. If a patient, particularly an adolescent, is diagnosed with a disease that can be harmful to him or her, then there is a need for breach of confidentiality if it is necessary for the parents to know the case. If the disease is also a threat to the community at large, then it may be imperative for the healthcare practitioner to breach confidentiality. In this particular case, Hathaway believes that harm will come to Andrea who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer unless the parents are informed of the diagnosis of the disease. The problem is that the patient is minor, hence she may not follow proper channels of having the disease cured unless her parents are informed. It is also difficult in different healthcare systems in the US for a minor to be treated with such disease without parental consent. Therefore, for the benefit of the minor in this case, it will be ideal to breach confidentiality. 2. ...
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