Mental Health Case study Essay

Mental Health Case study Essay Essay example
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Mental Health Assessment and Management: The Case of Mrs. Johnson Name: Institution A List of Mental Issues Depression Suicide Anxiety Self Harm (Curtin University, n.d) List of Physical Health Issues Lacerations and a fractured right femur Mrs Johnson has a mental health problem which may have been the cause of the accident.


Depression will also always affect one’s thoughts. The person will tend to think negatively about the world, family, self and their future. They will think of life being hopeless, they will think of themselves being useless, and even think of taking their life (Roy, 2005; Lam, 2012). A depressed person will also either eat too much or not enough. Might have trouble sleeping or oversleep due to extreme tiredness. In the end, depression can affect one’s life, to a point that it results in serious problems with one’s family, at school, job and with friends (Roy, 2005; Lam, 2012). Mrs. Johnson is suffering from depression. She recently lost her job, which may be a sign of depression being the cause of losing the job. She feels worthless “She feels her children may be “better off” without her”. She also has a record of a three month worsening anxiety, which explains the depression. Anxiety is a cause, and also a symptom of depression. Other symptoms of depression identified from Mrs. Johnson’s report are; decreased appetite, decreased energy, and suicidal ideation (Roy, 2005; Lam, 2012). Another mental problem observed is suicide. ...
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