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Assignment example - Evaluate the outcomes that are used to measure progress towards meeting the Milenium health goals

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Nursing Health Goals Name: Institution: A goal is an achievement or result toward which effort is directed to thus the terminal end. Goals are set to give the employees of a health care facility a direction and ensure that they focus on achieving the objectives stipulated…

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The goals set should be SMART that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Actually, Nursing’s role in helping achieve the United Nation’s Millennium Development goals is theme for this year’s International Nurses Day. Since Nurses are the only professionals in the world who are available to several people in their lifetime thus they are the key to the achievement of the millennium development Goals. Additionally, Nurses are the largest health care profession in the world thus play a major role compared to other health professionals. Moreover, nurses are well placed and often the most innovative in reaching the disadvantaged and underserved populations. Nurses help in reducing child mortality, combating malaria, HIV/AIDs and other diseases, and improve maternal health. According reports from ICN, the global children mortality (five years and below) has reduced and the deaths that occur could be prevented via affordable and effective interventions (United Nations 2008). The number of women who die during pregnancy and child birth has been halved with regional variations. Nurses also help in issuing of anti-malarial treatments and treating the multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. ...
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