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Walking Can Reduce Blood Pressure One of the greatest health challenges our society is facing would be high blood pressure or hypertension. This is a condition wherein the pressure being created as one’s blood is being pushed against the walls of the arteries of the heart rises which can be a serious threat to our health in many ways.


It can just alarm you with a sudden discomfort in breathing and pain in some parts of your body when it is already severe. With this said, we are lead towards the need to constantly get a check-up to diagnose any symptoms of this disease at the earliest possible time and most especially, be aggressive in living a healthy lifestyle to prevent such disease. “Prevention is better than cure.” Despite all the advancements in medical technology, this has always been said by doctors, proving that it is always better to avoid illnesses instead of curing them. Speaking of high blood pressure, one of the most recommended and proven ways to avoid it would be walking. Walking is a kind of cardiovascular exercise that helps in regulating the activity of the heart. One study that has proven this would be a Korean study conducted among 23 men with hypertension. They were made to take a 40-minute walk everyday wherein the researchers measured their blood pressure after the brisk walk session, which is about 3 to 4 miles per hour walk. On the other hand, a U.S study, involving 14 obese patients who were already supposed to undergo weight loss surgery were made to simply take a brisk walk for 1 mile. Results were favorable as they were able to start a regular exercise routine that improved their cardiovascular health. ...
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