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EBP Proposal: Literature Support Name Institution Proposal: Literature Support The research problem in this case is how to achieve effective management of the cardiovascular congestive heart failure. The congestive heart failure usually occurs in situations when the heart is pump insufficient blood that cannot meet all the demands of the body.


Nonetheless, it is vital to conduct a blood since the blood test will help in determining the cause of the congestive heart failure (Singh, 2010). Aging usually cause a series of morphological and physiological changes in human being that alter the functions of the cardiovascular thereby leading subsequent increased risk of contracting the congestive heart failure even among individuals with healthy asymptotic. Since in the 1970s, the heart related diseases have been known to be the leading cause of death globally. Since this era, there has been increased cardiovascular mortality rate in the developing countries; however, a declined death rate caused by the same has declined in most of the high income countries. This disease is usually associated with elderly persons; however, atherosclerosis usually begin in early ages among other persons; thus, making the primary prevention mechanisms or efforts necessary right from childhood. It is worth noting that heart diseases usually lacks cure; therefore, there is emphasis on the prevention and effective management through changing life style and modification of factors that includes health eating, avoiding smoking, and involving in health exercise (Singh, 2010). ...
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