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Cultural Analysis Name Course School Cultural Analysis There have occurred massive changes in the family culture across all races in the US since the last few decades of the 20th century, and the Hispanic race is no different (Tienda and Mitchell, 2006). Some of the prominent changes that have taken place include a rise in the age of marriage, a rise in the trend of cohabitation, and a rise in the tendency of people to bear children outside marriage.


He migrated to the US at 24 years of age with my grandmother who was 21 years old in the year 1954. Hispanic immigrants in the US have been working aged and disproportionately young (Bodvarsson and Berg, 2009, p. 319). My father was born one year later in the US. At that time, women did not work outside home; rather they took care of the domestic matters that included washing, cleaning, and babysitting the children. My grandfather taught at a public school and earned the money for the family. Being the financial provider of the family in an era when the society was primarily dominated by men, my grandfather was both the established head and the actual head of the family. My grandfather paid the bills. Since my grandmother was educated and my grandfather often did not have time to attend parent-teacher meetings, my grandmother would go whenever a teacher requested a meeting. Although the sole breadwinner of the family was my grandfather, yet he always consulted my grandmother in important matters. So the disciplinary rules were primarily imposed by my grandfather, though my grandmother played an active role in maintaining them and making sure they were followed. ...
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