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The Effectiveness of Tanglewood’s Recruitment Strategy Name Tutor’s Name Course Date The Effectiveness of Tanglewood’s Recruitment Strategy Tanglewood is undoubtedly one of the rapidly growing merchandise in the US and its need to provide efficient and reliable means of recruitment cannot be over emphasized.


One of the issues that remain a challenge to the highly prolific merchandised firm is the ability to identify plethora of recruitment methods and within them opt for the most cost effective and at the same time objective, rational and reliable. The merchandise firm having progressively emerged from a simple firm located within confined region to a complex one with branches in other areas initially not intended, there is reasonable understanding of what recruitment method is sound with regard to the their dealing. Having recruited thousands of employees from junior levels to the management level since 1975, the firm is much endowed with the skills to select competitive individuals who can easily acclimatize to their dynamic and quick responsive to their clients demand using the least resources (Gatewood, Feild, & Barrick, 2011). The firm for all the recruitment it does have documented the material facts which includes the total recruit and the cost of recruiting the staffs. This paper critically observes the data and identifies the effectiveness of the methods that have been used to obtain the required human resource. ...
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