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Business External Environmental Assessment
According to the report certain tools for analyzing the external environment have been devised and are widely being used by big businesses to understand and respond to changes in the external environment. Comcast is a firm in two industries majorly; Telecommunications and mass media. PEST is an acronym some environmental aspects.
John Fowless The Collector
The first and the main reason why the author of the novel uses two first-person narratives to tell the story is that this way of offering the events to the reader allows describing the situation from two different, opposing perspectives, which are of the captor and the captive, the kidnapper, and the victim.
E-Marketing/Online Marketing Assignment
Currently, Book Bunker does not have any website. It is important for the bookstore to have one. But the book store should give significant importance and focus towards the suitable features of the website. Suitable features of the website will certainly improve online and in-store sales of Book Bunker.
Accounting Ethics
Accounting ethics is a very important ethical practice for preventing corporate collapses. Accounting ethics has significant importance for different stakeholders related with any organization. It is being noticed that different corporate collapses and recent accounting malpractices has increased the importance of accounting ethics.
Introduction to Creativity
The author states that intellectual skills are a major drive to creativity and include analytical skill, synthetic skill and practical skill. The analytic skill aids in identifying which idea to pursue and which one to leave out. The skill allows an individual to examine the available ideas and chose the best among them.
Global Entrepreneurship
 Management education has seen rapid growth and development since the last century all over the world. The US business education has been thoroughly dominated by the MBA and is widespread at all levels. 
Write Mythological Poetry Explication
The paper discusses that whereas myth is a collective product of culture and believes, poetry on the other side is the art as well as an individuals’ expression. Through anthropomorphism and personification, myths project their phenomena into narratives in the external world and thus focus more on what is common or general.
Competitive Balance Policy
The tension involved in such football is termed as “competitive balance” and the entire idea behind people’s interest and tension about a game’s outcome is labeled as “uncertainty of outcome hypothesis”. The whole idea behind any leagues that any team involved and the entire league have to protect the involved uncertainty of the outcome of a game.
How SMEs Differ From Their Larger Counterparts?
SMEs are such businesses which operate locally and have less capital to invest in international business activities. On the other hand, large companies have plenty of money to invest in a wide range of local and international projects. Apart from the difference in available capital, there are also many other factors that build differences between SMEs and larger companies.
World after the Zombie Apocalypse
Survivors of this zombie apocalypse in the United States of America are countable. These regard themselves lucky to have survived such a torturous experience. However, it will be difficult for them to adapt to the life they were used to before. All America reads misery.
Ethics in Cyberspace
This essay is going to study of code of ethics that are used pertaining computer networking and what behavior should be expected in such cases. It also deals with what computer is networks are used and how they are programmed nowadays. Topics such as display people’s personal information and the anonymity of their location are discussed.
Classical, Human Relations, and Systems approaches to organisation and management.
This document covers the systematic analysis of how management theory has evolved over the period of time. The earlier attempts made to understand management and set its theory was based upon classical approach. The Classical approach advocated for the use of scientific methods in managing the organization whereas later approaches, however, provided some other alternatives too.
Human Rights
This paper examines the nature and degree of human rights violations in Iran. To this end, the writer of the paper conducted independent research on the reports of the human rights records of the Islamic Republic under study.
Art, Self, and Society
This paper concerns the artwork of Christo and Jean-Claude. This particular piece of glows beautifully in the sun and billows in the wind more than an artwork alone, but also qualifies as a piece of culture. The message that this art portrays is more than amazing. Tracing its roots from the time of construction to when the entire work was finished.
Inventory Management
This essay presents a report to board of directors of Wooden Wonder Ltd, that contains an analysis on the issue of minimising the costs of ordering and holding inventory. The researcher discusses advantages and disadvantages of holding inventories as well as presents the alternative methods of inventory management that can be used.
The Cons of Drilling for Gas by Hydraulic Fracturing
The process of hydrofracking is also not good for the environment and it leads to unbalancing of the lower rocks and the upper rock structure. This study is very important in knowing the effects of hydrofracking and the possible solutions that can be made from these problems as shale has been the source of natural gas for many years.
Factors of foreign direct investment in Algeria
This study gives an analysis of these factors in detail. This information will be of great significance to investors as it will act as a guide to them. The study gives a critical analysis of the issue at hand in an attempt to understand the general issue. This understanding will help in the process of coming up with the solutions.
Lake Effect Snow
Lake effect snow is formed as follows: cold air passes over warmer water and an air mass is formed. The air mass is rapidly warmed from below and this makes it less stable and buoyant. The moisture is rapidly swept by air and after a while it becomes saturated.
Fashion Marketing and Advertising. Marks & Spencer
This essay investigates the principles of marketing and advertising in the fashion industry. “To make aspirational quality accessible to all” is the mission of M&S. Last 2004, Stuart Rose was appointed as the new Chief Executive of M&S. According to Stuart Rose, M&S is now in its move to reach the ambitious goal of the company.
Research Method in E-Logistics and Supply Chain Management
According to the report the examination and the analysis of each particular aspect of commerce require the categorization of commercial activities using specific standards and criteria; the explanation of each of these activities is then easier and more credible. The existence of appropriate legislative framework can guarantee the limitation of risk in international shipping.
African Music
Having no common language except music to communicate among themselves, African ancestors came from different parts of Africa and Madagascar and had to express the feelings of their heart.
Ethical Analysis of a novel My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
The purpose of this paper is to examine the technology of stem cell research and its endless possibilities, with regard to the question of ethics. This novel looks closely at the topic of both stem cell therapy and research by applying it to a real life situation in which Science can provide a solution and a cure.
Obesity is a major problem in modern America.
Busier lifestyles make it more difficult to each healthy. When a family must juggle meetings, sports activities and other social events while trying to find time for dinner, it often turns to fast food.
The primary protagonist of the play is a Shakuntala, daughter of sage Vishwamitra and Menaka.. The other vital characters in the play are namely- Sage Kanva, Dushyanta, king of Hastinapura, Durvasa an ancient sage who is anger-prone and a fisherman.
Alienation in Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis.
We read that Gregor was not surprised to see his own transformation. Kafka’s purpose was to include absurdity as a normal way of life, to open our eyes to the responses of Gregor’s predicament. If Gregor thought; ‘Why don’t I keep sleeping for a little while longer and forget all this foolishness,’ (Johnston 2).
Why the Yoke of Poverty Must be Taken to Follow St. Francis' Footsteps
For Saint Francis, poverty was the necessary vehicle to take to gain the experience of injustice. Saint Francis was not merely advocating poverty, he was actively fighting injustice.
Compare a Middle School Science Curriculum In a State of Your Choice to New York City
Curriculum is a defined set of courses, objectives and steps to meet goals that are designed by educational institutions to meet the perceived current and future needs of students. This paper aims to identify the State curriculum that best meets the needs of students in the 21st century in regards to a science education.
How Edith Wharton Manipulates Point of View in the Short Story Roman Fever
Of her novels, the most critically acclaimed is the “Age of Innocence” which romped with the Pulitzer Prize in 1921,while “Roman Fever” (circa 1936) is considered the most famous short story of this prolific and versatile writer.
Health and Safety
It is had to supply individual instrumentations of protection fit to confront the situations of risk, and to ensure the moderate maintenance of the installations of the devices, to guarantee it a costing level of efficiency. Identical criteria should adopt themselves also for the installations of air conditioning, fire distinguishers and etc.
UK Holiday Market Research Report 2013/2014
This report examines the central issues and developments affecting the travel money market. It provides analysis of UK domestic overseas holiday trends and the key market drivers. Also, there is an analysis of increased spending and a forecast showing the expected growth over the next five years.
As the paper highlights the new beliefs introduced in the Renaissance period offered escapism from the religious roots of art and eventually led to the development of art method that was rich in emotion and drama. There are many explanations and theories, with each one having its own rebuttal, thus, leaving room for a lot of creative thinking indeed.
Letter to Viktor Frankl Based On Novel "A Man's Search for Meaning."
Crucial Lessons From you Novel First, you have demonstrated that joy and suffering are the relative concepts in the lives of human. You concur that military situation gives individual profound experiences and expectations.
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
This essay analyzes that Dorian’s sense of morality can be explored through his relationship with Lord Henry Wotton. It is on a fateful situation that Basil Hallward, an expert artist who painted Dorian’s portrait, introduces him to Lord Henry. In Lord Henry, we can identify an elegant, witty and intelligent individual.
According to the report social media has always been used by most organizations as a means of communicating with the masses as well as relating with the public or clientele served by the organization. The public relations endeavor must be capable of bringing together the internal and external functioning of the organization.
Decision Analysis Shuzworld
It also produces its individual line of products ranging from work boots and sandals to rubber boots and rainwear and sport and adventure wear. The purpose of this memo is to provide recommendations on the best method that Shuzworld should use to manufacture its sneakers, also develops a sales volume forecast, and discusses the best manner in which to apply control chart metrics in an effort to improve on quality.
Education Pendulum
As the paper Education Pendulum discusses the pendulum in education occurs as a result of the dynamics of our society. Changes in technological, demographic and political systems in the society are brought into the education system. The learning system must be appropriate to the contemporary issues prevailing in the society.
How to acquire wisdom
Morrie in Tuesdays emphasizes the value of affection and the family, but King Lear views family and love as a quest to raise his self-esteem and cater for his needs. King Lear says "Tell me, my daughters, since now we will divest us both of rule” (47-53). The incident was referring to one case King lear tried to make use of love to gain affection with the people; the incident is an affection from the citizen seeking affair
Street art in Berlin
Street art is any form of visual art created and strategically located in public spaces to pass specific messages. The various types of arts in the streets include graffiti, sticker arts, sculptures and wheat pasted posters among many others. The streets of Berlin have numerous forms of art. Arts in the streets of Berlin are an integral aspect of the city.
Information Systems
The motivation behind this project is to seek an efficient mechanism for patients to electronically enter their data for safe uploading into the EMR. In the design, development, and implementation of an IT support to satisfy the patient requirements, a hybrid of agile and extreme software development methods is employed.
Water pollution
Even though this fact is recognized by humans, they disregard it by polluting lakes, rivers, oceans and seas. Water pollution causes many problems which includes diseases and killing of fish. Polluted water is also detrimental to human beings and animal life. The thesis will contend that water pollution comprises thermal pollution, industrial effluent and flooding.
A comparison of the novel and film Up in the air
From this paper, it is clear that in the novel, Ryan is portrayed one who has a habit of flying frequently. Ryan goes round firing and telling off those who have gone back work. And in the film, Ryan goes around giving motivational speeches to individuals. He makes a living by traveling to different work areas in the States.
Domestic Violence Against Women
The essence of this research is aggression between men and women that become common in the present society. However, the discrimination of women by men has more prevalence of occurrence than men discrimination. It is due to several factors such as socio-economic forces, enforcement of power by the males, and cultural sanctions that reject women and children and women legal independence and social status.
Gangs In America
Gangs are organized groups who habitually intimidate or use force to commit crimes. According to some experts, gang membership is predominantly widespread among the urban youths under the age of eighteen. The majority of the notorious gangs are found in the impoverished areas of main cities like California, New York, and Chicago.
Cherrie Morag "Heroes And Saints"
The play does not tell how the people were crippled but tells of how the many years of political injustice had manipulated to physical deformity it tells a tale of the Latino people who without their knowledge had become crippled. This goes on until there emerge saints and heroes who enlighten the community of the political injustice that was slow.
Iliad Poem
The father to Chrysies tries to beg the commander- in- chief to surrender the daughter in exchange of a huge ransom but the commander refuses.
Approaches to Effective In-service Education of Clinical Nursing Home Personnel
According to the report the simultaneous rise in nursing homes and staff employed has elevated the number of problems that are seen in nursing homes which have reduced the quality of care. Researchers have explored the subject and suggested various methods of improving the competency of staff and raising the quality of care for the elderly.
Top 10 Characteristics of a Multicultural School Environment
According to the report differences in academic achievement levels disappear between males and females, dominant and oppressed group members, and upper-middle-class and low-income students. Cultural differences are treated as differences, rather than as deficiencies that must be addressed in compensatory programs.
Following the link: Choose ONE trend from the list of options (Happiness, Cash-less etc.), and explore its potential as a management opportunity for a Fashion Brand of your choice.
This essay discovers trend and assessment of its potential as a management opportunity for the Giorgio Armani Fashion Brand. The Company has been named after the designer, Giorgio Armani who happens to be its founder. The success gained by Armani since its establishment in 1975 reflects in the fact that in only about 3.5 decades.
Effects of obesity in childhood
The author of this essay aims to analyze the factors the leads to obesity among kids, the impact of the obesity on the physical and mental health. In most developed countries today there has been a sharp in crease in obesity due to the introduction of fast food and a lack of exercise. Obesity occurs when a person has too much fat on their body.
Essay On Formal Education
According to the report, the children learn from their parents and other contacts and this forms the basis of education. Inherent learning powers eradicate the need for each human to compute all the secrets of life on their own and are strained to recreate betterments. By contact with sensory experiences, we naturally obtain social, motor, language, and thinking skills.
Nutritional Report: The Effect of a Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on 20 mile Cycle Time Trial Performance
The RPE rate was also found to have increased and the increase of the RPE at a steady state is a positive indicator of good intensity of exercise. Thus the Cho mouth rinsing during a 1 hour time trial performance has helped Steve to increase the intensity of the exercise.
Graffiti the illegal art
Graffiti, largely identified as an illegal art, has been used by artists as a means of expressing resistance to the hegemonic definition of formal art in numerous countries around the world. The definition of graffiti changes depending upon who is providing the definition. Other than the illegal act of painting on an unsanctioned public or private property space.
A Thematic Study Of The Post 9/11 Cultural
McEwen creates a story in which a man experiences traumatic events that occur from a distance, in the form of an experienced threat, and then by way of a personal event.  In Double Vision, by Pat Barker, the experience of losing a loved one through the traumatic event of a war is then echoed in the experiences of the characters.
Analysis that Compares and Contrasts UNIX/Linux and MS Windows
In the modern computer environment, the operating systems run by the majority of the world’s personal computers have become divided on the lines of MS Windows and UNIX/Linux both of which have their plusses and minuses.
Painting - George Washington Crossing the Delaware
This essay focuses on the painting George Washington Crossing the Delaware. In many cases, this type of historical search can also illuminate elements of a painting that were not intended to reflect the time in which it was painted but manages to do so regardless. Painting are obviously intended to be commemorative, that is, they are intended.
Comparing the novels 1984 and A Brave New World with the Communist Soviets
This essay demonstrates that the characters in this novel simply accept everything that happens in their lives and continue on as if everything is acceptable. In the Soviet Union, people had to accept what was going on because they were afraid of questioning their leaders. The novel "1984" contains some interesting parallels to the Soviet Union.
Unearthing the Mystery of the Gifted with Learning Disabilities
According to the report In days of old, people whose minds work differently from most are thought of as eccentric and strange and need to be treated in a special way. Some children who seem talented but exhibit poor performance in school are often misunderstood. Today, research is unearthing much information about giftedness and learning disabilities.
What is the impact of empowerment on the factors of organizational behavior in five star hotels in the USA?
This section of the reviews relevant literature regarding the impact of empowerment on factors affecting organizational behavior with a special reference to USA hotels. It is defined as the process of offering employees the freedom to carry out their activities at job with an aim of achieving optimal performance, Whitener, Ellen M. (2000).
Immunological Techniques Lab Assignment
The radial immunodiffusion is a more widely used quantitative method and can be used to quantify immunoglobulins (including IgG subclasses) and serum proteins. However even though it is sensitive method the reaction time is long.
Everyday Violence In Britain Between 1850 And 1950
Taking into consideration a period of 100 years observing and analyzing social patterns associated with violence in everyday Britain between 1850 and 1900, this research proposal aims at propositioning a research to the investigation. Crime does not change over time, the processes involves differing from modern day violent crimes.
Dantes Portrayal of Church Rituals in Purgatorio
In this essay “Dante’s Portrayal of Church Rituals in Purgatorio” church rituals are presented as being important in ensuring that Christians avoid the punishments that they would otherwise undergo when they are sent to hell for their sins. Purgatorio can be considered to be a representation of Christianity ensuring that Christians live a righteous life.
Biomechanics: Joints Movement
The bones tend to form the levers while the ligaments around the joints from the hinges. The muscles tend to provide forces for moving the levers about the joints. Kinematics is a mechanics' branch that involves the geometry of objects' motion that is velocity, displacement, and acceleration without considering the forces producing motion.
Solutions to Ageism Problem
A practical and the most convincing solution towards ageism is showing the aging people as the role models (Anna, 2013). In this case, people should be shown the videos and pictures of the aging individuals of the golden moments. The constitution also provides the right against any form of discrimination be it gender, race or age.
Foley Catheter Insertion teaching plan
Discussion, based on developed knowledge before and during class, will be used to evoke active learning though students’ imaginations.
Attitude of the Socrates towards the gods in Euthyphro
Socrates is surprised and shocked when he learned that Euthyphro is bringing a charge against his blood father. However, he is impressed by the fact that Euthyphro is very ready to play his role on the issue despite the fact that it means taking action against his father.
Measured Building Areas
Soffit lining to deck Insulation to timber floor framing Particleboard floor lining Wet area / FC flooring to receive tiles Timber external wall framing Internal timber framed wall Insulationworks and sarking done to external timber framed walls Insulation to internal framed walls.
Human Resources Administration In Education And Schools
Once the chosen candidates have accepted an unconditional offer of employment, there is a need to start planning their induction. Initiation of an effective induction process is the way that the organization can contribute to person assimilation, as well as to the personal development, security, and need the satisfaction of each member of the school.
The Critical Review EssayOn the Titanic
According to the report Cameron uses his characteristic style of realism where the characters come to life. He also concentrates on creating a story line that most people can identify with. His decision to direct and produce this film was inspired by an actual event that had happened almost a hundred years ago.
Leadership style in Joothor Development Services
This leadership project epitomizes on effective leadership styles in modern organizations. It begins with an introduction to leadership reviewing the leadership styles and their theories. A leader is a person possessing a mixture of skills and styles that influencing a team to follow his direction.
Workplace Law
Jim performs the tasks in Lou’s companies and acts under guidance and control of Lou, as such, Jim is an employee of Lou. An employee is an individual employed and entitled wages or salary like Jim. According to the Australian Federal Acts clause 24.20, Jim regards as both an employee and a contractor subject to given characteristics.
Comparing two emperors, one Chinese and one Roman
The Roman Empire began around 1000BCE and its power began from ruling the ancient villages around the city of Rome. In its earlier years of formation the empire was a monarchy but after the overthrowing of Etruscans in 509 BCE the empire turned to a republic and the Romans started their tyrant rules and governance.
Images Of The Extreme Poverty
It is characterized by underdevelopment of the possibilities, striving to meet the material needs at the expense of the spiritual ones, breaching social ties. This leads to the low material status of certain groups of people, changing their system of values, forming a special social world and its culture.
Testing And Commissioning In HVAC Practices In Hong Kong
An HVAC system’s performance is poor in a building, managers may experience a significant loss in building efficiency; bacteria may grow inside cooling towers, indoor air quality may suffer, and the health of occupant can deteriorate, leaving building owners at risk of low productivity, unwarranted sick time, and depleted HVAC system performance.
The Influence of Materials Properties on Structural Form and Behaviour
As the paper highlights structural materials are expected to have preferred mechanical characteristics, which include being waterproof materials that are both impermeable and resistant to water. In addition, the material for wall construction have to be insulated against heat and have good sound absorption.
The Birth Stories Of Christ And Buddha
There are certain persons who went on to influence world events to such a large and profound extent their influence extended beyond their lifetimes. People who influence human events in various areas such as politics, science, and religion are just examples of these people whose thoughts garnered for them significant numbers of followers.
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
One of the outstanding differences between qualitative and quantitative research is the fact that it adopts an exploratory nature in a bid to help researchers construct theoretical propositions, while these propositions are tested using quantitative research. Qualitative research is significant in the initial phase of research.
Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in an Emerging Market
According to the report foreign direct investments therefore comes about when investors from the developed economies transfer physical as well as financial resources towards the developing economies for the purpose of wealth creation and this has been rampant in the past years. FDI has towards emerging economies. 
Role Of Women In Ancient Egypt
Hatshepsut was one of the first female pharaohs in the recorded history of ancient Egypt. She lived in the 15th century B.C. She ruled for an approximate period of 15-20 years. Before her reign as pharaoh, despite being his half-sister, Hatshepsut was the main wife of Thutmose II, who was the pharaoh.
Hedging an Equity Portfolio
Unlike the buyer, the seller has an obligation to complete the transaction as per the wishes of the option holder. Therefore since there is a doubt whether or not the holder will exercise his right or not the seller demands an option premium for his benefit which goes into his account whether or not the buyer exercises his option.
Adolescent Problem Behavior
The research "Suicidal behaviors in depressed adolescents: the role of perceived relationships in the family" was conducted in France between 15th of March and 31st of March when the National Defense Preparation Day took place in France. At that day all adolescents who have already turned 17, are required to pass special exams.
Financial Statement and Operating Indicator Analysis
Operating indicator analysis explains an organization’s financial performance, by utilizing operating data. Such analysis improves internal decision-making process as they depict the ability of the organization to meet its mission. It also gives a summary of the organization’s detailed information, thus making it convenient.
Patient Safety and the USA Healthcare System
It is evident that the frequency and the magnitude of adverse patient incidents were not common before the 1990s when many nations reported a large number of incidences caused by medical errors. It is also evident that patient safety is a crucial health care control supported by the developing scientific framework.
The Song of the Hummingbird
As the report highlights think off living in a society that greatly exercised ritual dances, as well as human sacrifice, and then, one day, this society is no longer present as another culture. This confirms that legendary saying that “the victors write the history.” Such individualsa conquered and changed their way of life, are referred to as the Aztecs.
Mabeche Company
All through the period under assessment, the Mabeche Company performed exceptionally well. In actual fact, this is the unsurpassed performance ever in the company’s 10-year history as the bank attained a number one spot in provisions of profits, branch network, capitalization and balance sheet dimension in the region.
Reflection on Visual Perception
Visual awareness is controlled by nerve cells. However, there is the dissociation between visual awareness and visually guided behavior. An example is with people with blind sight. These patients do not apprehend visual stimuli and other Visuomotor behavior yet is very aware of various stimulus characteristics.
The Seeds of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The reckless readiness of the leaders and their followers to prepare the country for self-rule have embarked on propagating of violence and conflicts merely based on revenge. Territory conflicts from attempts to change existing territorial demographics ratios in their own favor, between the two nations.
Digital marketing
This essay discovers the digital marketing of sport brands. Creative marketing strategy, innovation and new business design largely contributed to the success story of the “adidas Group.” Customers, suppliers and competitors as well as a number of other factors that are not central in the traditional business models affect the day businesses.
No Country for Old Men and the Poem Sailing to Byzantium
This essay discusses that besides the actions and foils, the novel is thought to be inspired by William Butler Yeats’ poem “Sailing to Byzantium,” where the poem served as the base of the novel by looking at the significance of the character Sheriff Bell, McCarthy’s writing style, and also the significance of the title of "No Country For Old Men".
Customer Satisfaction Research Analysis
The underlying objective of the selected research is to predict the impact of customer satisfaction, trust and commitment on customer loyalty. For this purpose, researchers chose optometric practice and business involved in it. It also determines the level of significance for each of the independent variable identified on customer loyalty.
How has the financial crisis of 2008 affected the real estate market in Dubai?
There are three main objectives that formed the foundation for this study: Identify the main factors that adversely impact the Dubai real estate market as a result of the 2008 financial crisis.   Investigate the method of recovery utilized by the real estate industry as a whole in Dubai.   Point out the current climate of the real estate market in Dubai and assess its future potential for growth.
Perceptions of Different Cultures
Every community has its own social and cultural peculiarities that are socially shared in the communities and endure attitudes which individuals show in an ostentatious manner toward one another without any need to refer to sociable rules or norms. This common knowledge creates trust from immediate apprehension of each other’s feelings and beliefs.
Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
According to David Derbyshire, “Scientists have worked out how much data is sent to a typical person in the course of a year- the equivalent of every person in the world reading 174 newspapers every single day” ( Derbyshire, 2011). This signifies a quantitative analysis of data, the importance of knowledge and its management.
Visual Arts and Films
As the paper stresses TV wave changes constantly its width or amplitude even if it is a continuous movement in one way or direction while the digital wave transforms its signal instantly from zero to one and is not limited to any specific time frame. The digital wave undergoes individual steps and is made up of digits and pulses.
Benefits of green tea on oral health
This study seeks to identify the oral health benefits of green tea through the available literature and points out the need for future research where necessary. The findings have proved that green tea reduces the risk of esophageal and oral cancers, prevents cavities, control periodontal diseases, prevents loss of teeth and enhances mouth breath.
Reflection of Pontoon A Novel of Lake Wobegon by Garrison Keillor
This essay shows the simplicity of life that revolved around "Lake Woebegone" and how parents can keep secrets for a very long time away from their children. The name of the lake is also significant in the sense to this storyline. The name also signifies the coming death of the Lutheran woman Evelyn.
Education for Juveniles in Prison System
As the report stresses education is known to fit in with the goals of juvenile courts and all the stakeholders need to support it so that the lives of detainees can be improved once they leave detention. Education in juvenile detention requires the internal and external stakeholders to have an understanding of how it will improve the children’s status.
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