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Expressive crimes (e.g., rape) are committed for the sake of expected pleasure; instrumental crimes (e.g., burglary) mainly for the sake of expected gain. Both often can be deterred by disincentives -- the fear of pain the threat of punishment. To the criminal, the cost of a crime is the risk of punishment. Not what is threatened by the law, but the punishment he risks given his actual chances of being convicted and imprisoned
At present the actual punishment is much lower: 6 to 7 days per burglary, roughly 2 years per murder, 6 months per rape, 2 months per robbery; aggravated assault costs 8 to 9 days; car theft 2 to 3 days. These risks still deter many prospective criminals, but are too low to reduce the crime rate. Most people are not aware of how small the actual chance of punishment is; but professional criminals are. It is what makes the career attractive. They know that on average they will serve no more than 40 per cent of their sentence, and that most of them will not serve at all--they are rarely caught.
Some people become criminals because small offenses are not dealt with effectively. In our childhood, most humans learn that there are social limits to their natural aggression. ...
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To what extent do physiological factors explain why people become criminals Is it the extent to which physiological factors influence peoples behavior, and primarily whether or not they will become criminals This area is greatly influential within the nature/nurture debate, which is a core debate in psychology, as it looks at whether behavior is influenced by genetics more than by the environment…
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